When developing games, especially VR titles it’s extremely important to test them on multiple platform types. And we are not just talking about Windows, Mac and Linux… We mean testing them on machines gamers are using these days and that means portable, gaming laptops.

In this guide we assess a few budget models so you can grab the brand you prefer for your VR game testing requirements. To save us time we used the excellent guide from BlizzGC that covered the best gaming laptops for 2018 – this saved us a STACK of time and covers the top machines available for each class. But, we wanted to cover the best gaming laptop for VR specifically focused on machines for developers and games testers and only reviewed VR ready laptops…


So, lets not waste – check out look at the best budget gaming laptops for VR testing below…


1. Origin EON17-SLX

an image of the origin eon17 vr gaming laptop

This is one of the best gaming laptops on the market worth checking out. It runs on Intel HD graphics and has a screen of up to 17.3 inch. This laptop has plenty of Video RAM. This feature makes it a perfect selection for using VR. In addition to this, origin EON17-SLX weighs 10.5 pounds. This makes it easy for gamers to carry their laptops around. This laptop has enough breathing room when powering a VR headset. That’s not all; the origin EON17-SLX has a chip that contains an Intel Skylake processor and 8GB or VRAM. Lastly, this laptop can run up to two hours without charging. Purchase the origin EON17-SLX and experience a virtual reality dream.

2. MSI GT80 Titan

This laptop has excellent features. This ranges from graphics, CPU, Storage and RAM among others. MSI GT80 Titan has been ranked among the most powerful gaming laptops on the market. Based on the above features, this laptop can easily run a VP application without hanging. However; a person should keep in mind the minimum specs for vive and Oculus. Lastly, its battery can run up to two hours while running a VP application. This is one of the reasons the MSI Gt80 Titan has been categorized among the best gaming laptops for VR.

3. Aorus X7 DT

It is evident this laptop was designed for virtual reality. First, it has plenty of RAM that makes it convenient for running a VR application. Aorus X7 DT has outstanding graphics. It runs on Nvidia GTX 980. In addition to this, its RAM is DDR4 compatible. Its slim form factor makes a lot of gamers wonder how it is very efficient when running a VR application. In addition to this, a person can comfortably play his best VR game for a long time without plugging the laptop into the charger.

4. Asus ROG GX700

This laptop is yet to be released into the market. The Asus ROG GX700 has gained widespread popularity within a short period because of its RAM, Storage space, CPU and Graphic and its screen. This is one of the few gaming laptops that use water cooling dock to enhance its performance while running a VR application. The use of the water cooling dock is rare as far as laptop gaming is concerned. Gamers should consider checking out this gaming laptop immediately, it is launched into the market.

5. The Alienware 17

The Alienware 17 has a plenty of ports, a long battery life, a graphic amp support and a colorful quad HD display. This is what facilitates the strong gaming performance of this gaming laptop. The Alienware 17 has a RAM of 32 GB. This makes it easy for games to comfortably play VR applications.

6. Razer blade Pro

When it comes to mentioning best gaming laptops for VR, Razer blade pro cannot be left out. This laptop has proven effective when it comes to supporting VR applications. This is one of the few laptops on the market that has great graphics performance, excellent sound and a high refresh rate among others. In addition to this, razer blade pro has a customizable keyboard. Lastly, this laptop has the enough space to comfortably support a VR application.

We hope this review of the best gaming laptops for 2018 helped, if you would like to see more reviews like this let us know in the comments!

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