All the new features are in. The final reported bugs are fixed. And, the latest version of Lost Legends is finally down to testing and adding new art.

Among the major art additions, we’re putting in new models, textures, and animations for the human warrior, as well as adding a new playable race. We’ll get screenshots up for those soon. In future releases we’ll be creating more specific player characters based on what character traits you select.

Testing takes some time, but we think you’ll be happy if we test first 😉

We play the game a lot and try and make it crash or make features break. We also test gameplay to make sure things are working correctly. And, we test with Windows 98, Windows XP, and a few graphics cards to make sure there’s no problem there.

All this testing does uncover some new bugs, and then we get those fixed and we test some more.

So, we’re close now. The screenshots coming soon will hopefully tide you over while we get the final testing done.


Thanks for your support, and see you in the dungeon!


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