First off, big thanks to everyone who’s downloaded the latest release of Lost Legends!

With the latest release put to bed, we figured it was a good time to give you an update on what we’re planning for the next releases of Lost Legends.

First of all, while the latest version of Lost Legends contains lots of great new features and fixes, it was a good deal of time between releases.  So, we plan on making updates more frequently; hopefully no more than a month apart.

We will also be updating the website with game-related documentation in the scriptorium.  We’ve  already added basic gameplay information, as well as all the default keyboard and mouse mappings.  We’ll also be adding additional information on localizing the text of Lost Legends, as well as remapping keyboard and mouse controls.  If you’re interested in something specific, please let us know.

As we move toward building out the whole game, we have many large features planned, as well as many smaller features, tweaks, and bug fixes.

The next version will probably be version 0.201, and some of the major features include:

* New personality trait system during character creation
* Player character can be rotated in the character creation screen
* In 3rd person, camera angle can now be changed. So you can go lower, or you can play top down
* New graphics shader model 2.0 and 3.0 support. This makes lighting a lot cooler looking, and we’ll be adding some other cool features too
* New distance fog makes things a lot scarier, especially outside
* Bows and crossbows now drop, and you can equip and use them
* Game automatically tells you if there’s a new version available
* All static menu and UI text converted to localizable text
* Dungeon clutter blocking doors shouldn’t be a problem anymore
* You can replace all static text in the game with a localized version if one exists

Beyond 0.201, the major features we’re planning on adding in the short term include:

* Raising the level cap.  Probably to level 20, if not higher
* Figuring out what we can do to make getting new versions and uploading crash reports  a lot easier
* Improving outdoor and dungeon areas
* New character screen to reflect the new trait and skill systems
* New inventory screen with character doll and many new inventory slots
* Lots of new item drops
* Re-implementing making clothing and armor visible on your player character
* Replacing starting at the world map with starting in Avensvere itself
* Placing NPCs for quests and trade
* New small quests
* New world layout system
* New world travel system
* New campaign quests
* New talent and mastery systems
* Multiplayer support
* New player characters
* New and improved mobs

Beyond that, we will be adding a number of other cool things including more player races, more starting cities, and item crafting.

We hope this gives you an idea of what we’re planning. And, of course, we also look forward to your continued comments and feedback in the Avensvere Inn and email.

Happy holidays, thanks for your support, and see you in the dungeon!


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