It’s always the small things that can end up being the most confusing or annoying. Or, turn out to be a much larger than you originally thought.

You know the ones. The problems that seem the clearest cut and obvious that get taken care of quickly so you can spend time lots of time working on the cool things like dungeons and story and loot.

Supporting laptops has certainly been something that went from the “that’s easy” column to the “it requires lots of programming” column. Everything’s working now (please let us know if it’s not), but it turns out that laptops are very unlike home computers. Some laptops have strange screen sizes, some can’t really run fullscreen games, most have graphics drivers that can never be upgraded, and all recent ones can change their CPU speed as needed. Definitely unexpected, but now taken care of with a lot of additional programming.

Version numbering was another small thing that ended up being confusing. Originally, we were using version numbers that looked like this: Mostly because we’d worked on other programming projects that used similar systems. It confused you, it confused us. Now, we’re switching to a simpler system that looks like this: 0.111. There. Much easier to read and understand.

Sub-directories in the Lost Legends installation zip file ended up being both confusing and annoying. Some un-zipping programs apparently don’t bother to create the sub-directories unless you tell them to. In the new Lost Legends, we’ve removed the sub-directories to prevent any future problems.

And, speaking of installations, the lack of a separate installer program has confused some people. The only installed software that Lost Legends requires to run is Microsoft’s DirectX 9 (well, 9.0c to be exact), so we just launch DirectX’s installer automatically if needed – unlike most games that would have a separate installer to copy files and run the DirectX installer and do who knows what.

Crashes annoy people, and they annoy us too for having made such dumb mistakes in the first place. However, we’re very happy (joyful even!) that people who’ve unfortunately suffered a crash have helped us out by sending in their crash file so we can fix the problems.

We also accidentally included some weird alphabetic characters in an early version of Lost Legends. It turns out that in the US language version of Microsoft Windows that the characters would just magically do nothing, but in some languages like Greek, they would cause a data problem and crash. Thanks again to those who reported the problem and helped us get a fix out!

There’s probably more small things in the game engine that we’ve fixed that I just can’t remember right now.

If there are any small (or large) things you find confusing or annoying, please let us know!

And, there’s certainly a number of gameplay things which we’ve changed or tweaked, and we’ll talk about those next time.

Thanks for your support, and see you in the dungeon!


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