It’s been nearly 6 months since the release of the 0.111 version of Lost Legends.

Finally, the 0.200 version of Lost Legends is close to release. Yay!

Version 0.200 of Lost Legends includes …

* Nearly a dozen new gameplay features!
* Nearly two dozen gameplay changes and improvements!
* Nearly fifty major engine improvements!
* Nearly a hundred bug fixes including crashes, performance, and graphics glitches ranging from the small to the huge!

The original plan for the 0.200 release was to make it out in a few months and add the addition of a first-person view to the game.

It’s not bad, all things considered, that the actual release took only twice that time; yes, we wish it had only taken a few months as well, sorry! However, once we started to dig into first-person mode, your feedback, and planning out the game beyond level 10, a few major things became apparent that forced a lot of pencil and paper design time.

The current character creation system has allowed you to choose a character class and refine the character with skill, talent, and mastery points gained every level or so, or as the result of quests. Unfortunately, these systems are by and large unrelated and once you choose the spells you want to emphasize by spending points in them, there’s not many interesting choices left to make.

With 0.200, character creation has been overhauled to include more than a half dozen options including race, gender, and class. The balance that we are trying to strike is to keep character creation straightforward while making it more interesting, and opening it up to allow more choices in the role of your character as the game progresses. And, while not all of these new character traits will be implemented in 0.200, but they will be added over successive releases.

The new Lost Legends also includes more character skills like charisma, which ties into the plans for broadening the world and story itself. And, why would one need charisma if there’s no one to talk to, right? So, deep inside Lost Legends 0.200 is the infrastructure for the next major post-0.200 version which will have a deeper quest structure, NPCs to talk to, and a world travel system.

By broadening and deepening the character experience and the world experience, we want you to still be rewarded and happy with a fast-paced action game, but have the ability to have a more interesting breadth and depth in your character and surrounding world.

Beyond those changes, the next highest priority feature is raising the character level cap. This has actually been blocked due to the content issues mentioned a couple of posts ago, as well the planning for broadening the character and world experiences. Part of this will include implementation of all spells up to the new cap, as well as updates to item drops, character inventory, and character equipping systems that will expand the range of items available, especially as some will be race or class specific.

Multiplayer and first-person mode are also among a number of other major high priority features.

Overall, we’d also like to make new versions available more frequently. Most of the delay in 0.200 has been down to iterating on design issues and putting in the infrastructure for new major features. In the future, we’d like to go no more than a month without a new release including new or updated gameplay and bug fixes.

Thanks for your support, and see you in the dungeon!


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