Things are cooking along on the next version of Lost Legends, and there are many changes from very small to very large!

Speaking of very large changes …

You may have noticed that while you can have great fun hacking and slashing through each adventure in Lost Legends, there’s a few things missing that make you feel like the adventures don’t really relate to each other.

So, two of the most basic things we’re adding are places to visit to get new quests or just to trade or find the local gossip, and non-playing characters who live in those places.

The town of Avensvere is the starting location for your character (as some sharp sighted forum readers may have already guessed). Avensvere is a small town on the located on the banks of the river Marrum at the edge of King’s Forest.

Founded many hundreds of years ago by woodsmen and hunters, Avensvere’s location on the Marrum between the rolling, densely forested hills of King’s Forest and the gentler glades of the Eastern lowlands soon beckoned to traders and adventurers as well.

From the Avensvere Inn, to the Marrum docks, to the Ox’s Forge, and beyond, Avensvere is a town of many places and many faces!

Thanks for your support, and see you in the dungeon!


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